VMware Cloud on AWS Workshop


The VMware Cloud on AWS workshop is your chance to test drive this unique solution in the market place in a classroom session with VMware Cloud on AWS experts and work through hands on lab exercises to understand and gain experience with the solution to understand how it can be used in your business.

The class is a one-day workshop in which we will set up a VMware SDDC environment in AWS, work through common administration activities of the platform and explore integrations with native AWS services and vRealize Suite solutions including vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations. You will work through leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS as a target for DRaaS utilsiing VMware Site Recovery Manager and VM Replication and will also have the opportunity to test drive Horizon 7 in the VMware Cloud on AWS platform.

Workshop Details

Horizon Access

At the start of the workshop, your instructor will have given you logon details to use in a VMware Horizon session. In order to access details regarding how to connect to Horizon, you will have been directed to the following link to Student Access Instructions

Location of Files

Any file(s) referenced in this manual are located in the Z: drive of the Horizon desktop you are assigned

Workshop URL’s

VMware Cloud on AWS Login https://vmc.vmware.com

vRealize Automation https://vraapp.corp.local/vcac

vRealize Operations https://vrops.corp.local

Swagger API Interface https://vmc.vmware.com/swagger/index.html

AWS Console https://vmcworkshop.signin.aws.amazon.com/console

Workshop Bookmarks

Import Bookmarks into Chrome by double clicking the Chrome Icon on your Desktop (Preferred browser for workshop)


  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner
  2. Select Bookmarks
  3. Select Import bookmarks and settings bookmarks-02
  4. Click on the down arrow where it states “Microsoft Edge”
  5. Select Bookmarks HTML File
  6. Click Choose File
  7. Navigate to the Z: drive by going to This PC > Z:\p
  8. Select bookmarks_vmc_workshop
  9. Click Open


Lab Name Description
Working with your SDDC Learn the basics of running a VMware on AWS SDDC environment
VMware Cloud on AWS APIs Learn how to interact with VMware on AWS through APIs
AWS Integration Learn how to integrate with native AWS services such as RDS and EFS
VMware Site Recovery Manager Learn how you can utilise VMware on AWS for DRaaS use cases
VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension Learn how VMwares Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) technology can help with bulk and live migration to the VMware on AWS cloud platform
VMware vRealize Automation Utilise integration capabilities with VMware cloud management tools