VMware Cloud on AWS Workshop


The VMware Cloud on AWS workshop is your chance to test drive this unique solution in the market place in a classroom session with VMware Cloud on AWS experts and work through hands on lab exercises to understand and gain experience with the solution to understand how it can be used with your customers.

The class is a one-day activity where we will go through the acitivities of setting up a VMware SDDC environment in AWS and run through common administration activities of the platform, you will then move onto understanding how you can run workloads in VMware Cloud on AWS and integrate with native AWS services. You will work through how you can utilise VMware Cloud on AWS as a target for DRaaS utilsiing VMware Site Recover Manager and VM Replication. We will also cover how you can leverage VMC on AWS with Horizon 7 and NSX Hybrid Connect.

Workshop Details

Workshop URL’s

VMware Cloud on AWS Login https://vmc.vmware.com

Swagger API Interface https://vmc.vmware.com/swagger/index.html

AWS Console https://vmcworkshop.signin.aws.amazon.com/console


Lab Name Description
Working-with-your-SDDC Learn the basics of running a a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC environment
AWS-Integration Learn how to integrate with native AWS services such as RDS and EFS
Distributed-Firewall Learn the basics on how to create east-west firewall rules using NSX Distributed Firewall Capabilities
Workload-Operations Go through some of the basic operations of VM deployment and monitoring
API-Lab Learn the basics of API operations on VMware Cloud on AWS
VPN-Lab Learn the basics of configuring a VPN on VMware Cloud on AWS
Site-Recovery-Lab Learn the basics of enabling Site Recovery and configuring cloud to cloud DR